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seascape - sunset on sedgfoeld lagoon, garden route seascape - sedgefield lagoon sunset 2 seascape - dark sunrise 2 over swartvlei beach seascape - sunset on wilderness beach seascape - sunrise on wilderness beach 2 seascape - sunrise reflections on swartvlei beach seascape - moody pastels - swartvlei beach seascape - early morning blues seascape - soft waves on sedgefield beach seascape - swartvlei beach sunrise seascape - swartvlei lagoon sunset 2 seascape - buffalo bay sunset 3 seascape - sedgefield beach sunset seascape - sedgefield pastels seascape - sunrise over swartvlei beach 3 seascape - sea point sunset seascape - sedgefield waves seascape - soft sedgefield sands seascape - buffalo bay sunrise 3 seascape - soft sedgefield sands seascape - pastels at dawn seascape - sedgefield grey morning seascape - soft waves seascape - soft waves seascape - sea point sunset, cape town seascape - sedgefield sunset landscape - winter afternoon on the beach landscape - waves on the beach intentional camera movement seascape seascape - winter waves - myoli beach landscape - soft waves on the beach seascape using intentional camera movement seascape - breaking waves seascape - clouds over robberg beach - plettenberg bay
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portfolio of ICM seascapes II

seascape art by mike kaplan

ICM seascapes comprise my impressionist , painterly-like images of water that I love creating the most.

These are long-exposure seascapes combined with intentional camera movement during the exposure.